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“Hi Kobus. Ons is uiteindelik by die huis & wou darm net baaaaaie dankie se vir die stunning fotos wat jy geneem het.

Jy en Johann het n fenominale gawe vir fotos!!!

Weereens baie dankie


“What an enjoyable photo shoot at Piet se Bos with Kobus Kruger, not to say awesome pictures as well. Thanks Kobus


“… I just want to take the time to thank you yet again for the beautiful photos!!! For the time and patience and of course lots of laughs that went into taking these photos!!! Love love love it!!!!!


“Fantastiese fotos!!! Ons is so bevoorreg dat julle ons fotos geneem het. Dit het ons dag so spesiaal gemaak en ons herleef elke oomblik weer soos ons hierna kyk!!!         

Jonine. “

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The value of an engagement photo session...

... and why its not included in a wedding package.

First off, an engagement is a fairly major event in itself, a commitment between two people to each other. And that warrants its own celebration and capturing the event or couple at the particular point in time so they can relive it.

Including it as a part of a wedding package devalues the significance of the engagement into a minor event, kind of on the side of the road on the pavement, instead of placing the focus on the engagement at the time when it is appropriate to do so. Its a part of the journey a couple has to travel to get to the wedding.

Its a very exciting time for young couples, with love blossoming, happiness and expectation of a great future together. It is the start of their exclusive commitment to each other, which culminates with the seal of marriage and a wedding celebration with family and friends as witnesses.

From a practical (photography) perspective, it also provides a few practical advantages, other than you will be getting images of the most exciting time as a couple together, regardless.

It provides an invaluable opportunity to work with your photographer and build the relationship, I want to work with you several times a year, ideally. But rather find out at this stage if you are totally incompatible to work together, than on your wedding day...

You will learn some valuable posing tips that will help you look great in all your photos in the future.

You will get used to the camera and lights, and practice posing. Soon you will learn what looks best, and this will enable you to take a lot more photographs on your wedding day because you will know how to pose for the best images. One or two shots as opposed to dozens to get one image from one scene.

Your photographer will spend a very large part of your wedding day with you and building a solid relationship will allow you to place trust in your photographer to plan a reasonable schedule for the day to allow enough time for various photo sessions.

This is usually also the person that will jump in to resolve issues when things don't go according to plan, it helps if you trust this person.

Considering this, its probably a good idea to start looking for a suitable photographer sooner than later, after your engagement. By the time you start with wedding arrangements and you already have a photographer on board, things should be a whole lot easier and structured.

engagement photography hermanus engagement photography hermanus

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Hi, I'm Kobus.

I paint with light... I craft images... I capture memories... I am a photographer.

That’s what I do.

But the business of wedding photography is all about people, relationships, trust and friendship. Before we can think about discussing wedding photography we first have to establish at minimum that we are a reasonable match to work together.

You have to trust me to exercise my  judgement in creativity on one of the most important days of your life, trust me enough to let me step in and deal with any situation that may come up on your day, should it be necessary.

If you are price hunting, sorry, now is the time to move on to the next photographer. You won’t find it here.

If however you are serious about your photos then read on a little… but you may just as well scroll down and fill out the contact form. Lets talk, I want to know more about what you like, how I can help you understand what I have to offer.

Wedding photography is important, because it marks the beginning of your family history. These photographs are family heirlooms that your children, relatives and friends will cherish.  These images represent YOUR beginning.

Photography is one of the most important aspects in our lives as well as one of the most overlooked and undervalued.  

Memory fades quickly and if we don’t record important milestones in our families as they happen, they will as quickly be forgotten.

Photographs in future will provide a connection between several generations. When granny tells stories of times gone by, photographs are invaluable to enhance the story.

A wedding is the start of a new family, YOUR lives together, YOUR story.  

I would be honoured to be your photographer if you are in Cape Town, the Cape Overberg, Winelands or West Coast. (I just love farm weddings!)

wedding photography cape overberg wedding photography cape town wedding photography cape town wedding photography cape town wedding photography cape overberg wedding photography hermanus Its all about love… … of people & photography. photographer hermanus MENU CONTACT